Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Making News

Our local newspaper printed an article on the readoption of three children in Missoula.

Sylvie-Aganoti was one of them. Her photo made the paper. Click the link below to see...

We were the last of the three readoptions. When our names were announced, Sylvie took off like a rocket for the front of the room, yelling, "My turn. My turn right now!" She was very excited and called the whole event "my party".

Nope, stage fright does not appear to be an issue. How fitting that the event took place at the Missoula Children's Theatre!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Readoption Today!

Which means, we adopted S-A in Ethiopia almost one year ago. So hard to believe...

Much has changed this last year. In our crazy, busy lives we often forget to slow down enough to appreciate all that is well and wonderful.

Today we pause to celebrate our family, our Sylvie-Aganoti.

Today, we celebrate life!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A few more pictures...

Minutes before she stripped down into her birthday suit. I'll spare you those pictures!
This handsome guy got his braces off. Wahoooo!!
Meet "Orange Blossom", S.A.'s sidekick. When Sylvie says her name it sounds like "Large Bosom". That makes everyone giggle a little!
New jammies--size 3T.
Spirit Day. You are getting a one-time look at Super Spartan Man.
Going for a walk in the gully behind our house.
Simon hiked around with us. He would "hide" and we would seek. We could hear giggling long before we would find him.
Yep, still sporting the wings. A LOT!!! Could it be an identiy crisis? Was she a butterfly in another life? Does she lean toward theatre? ...only time will tell.
Ta-daaa! Look at this awesome quilt made by Clark's family--it has a storybook theme. Clark's mom, Teresa, started the tradition of making a quilt for the firstborn of each family. What a treasure for Sylvie to have.