Thursday, May 29, 2008

THREE: Progress...

Oh, happy day! Our dossier is in the mail!! Again, our dossier is in the mail!!!! Our documents needing to be re-done got to Helena overnight and were returned today by the Secretary of State's office. The woman we were working with really went above-and-beyond, personally taking our packet to the Post Office. This morning I organized our dossier while Clark waited on the curb for the mail-lady. Can you imagine Clark waiting patiently for the mail-lady? I think it was out of desparation, as I had threatened to drive around looking for her to see if our packet had arrived.

Our dossier should be in Ethiopia by the first week of June. So, beginning sometime around the first week of June I should slow down, start making rational decisions again and begin patiently waiting for our baby girl. We'll see how that turns out......

TWO: Baby-Steps

We had a set-back, or a step forward, depending on what mood I'm in. Ha! I called the Secretary of State today to check on the progress of our paperwork and she told me three of our notarizations were faulty. They were in the mailbox at home waiting for us. After I got off work I grabbed Simon and we were off to track down two notaries I'd never met and one who had since moved in location! Two hours of scrambling (University, mid-town, far end of North Reserve) netted the final touches. We ate dinner and raced to the Post Office. Missed the postmaster by four minutes, so we modified the plan by going to Mailboxes Etc. buying stamps and heading to the PO to drop the package in the mail. I feel like a triathelete!!!! If they go through authentication this time our papers could actually be in Ethiopia in about two weeks, which seems surreal, and wonderful, and hopeful, and absolutely amazing.

We are soooooo ready for our little girl. She has a name.... Piper+Ethiopian name+Theresa (Clark's mother's name)+Tower. We think it's lovely. :) Crystal

ONE: New Beginnings

We are soon to be a "family of six", as we pursue adopting a daughter from Ethiopia. We thought this would be the perfect time to start a blog-site to let our family and friends know where we are on our adoption journey. Please feel free to post and comment on this site so we know you've visited!
Yesterday all of our notarized documents went to the Secretary of State for authentication. If those come back next week, they are off to Assistant Stork in Washington, DC for the final phase of the US piece of adoption. When the documents are done in DC, they head to Ethiopia and the most exciting part of our wait begins, the match between us and our daughter-to-be!!!