Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Showers???

Snow Showers would be more accurate! Aaarrrgggggg! Winter, please, please, please go away!!!!!
I need some sunshine. I want to water my flowers, pull out the beach towels, frolick in green grass, sleep with windows open, wake to birds chirping, slather on sunblock, meander through Farmer's Market, go barefoot all day, enjoy a cup of steaming coffee on the porch, let Sylvie run around outside in her birthday-suit, star-gaze from our rocking lawn chairs, try to eat an ice-cream cone before it melts, take the kids to the pool, pack a picnic, wear my flip-flops...

The following are pictures taken this morning!

Right out the front door.
Snow, snow, go away. You make the sky oh-so-grey.

Boys on their way to school. I should have shot lower, as Liam is wearing SHORTS. He suffers a bad case of denial.

Wouldn't he look better spouting water into our pond?

Snuggled up.
It is quite possible the cold I am home from work with contributes to my CRUMMY attitude and outlook. Nothing some sunshine wouldn't help... :)

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