Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day at the Scare-ousel

Our Mother's Day tradition includes a huge, amazing brunch followed by a spin at the carousel. We prepped Sylvie-Aganoti for her first ride, "It will be so fun, there are horses carved out of wood in beautiful colors, you get to sit on them and ride around and around, tinkly music will play. We know you'll love it!"

Minutes before we leave brunch, I take S-A for a pit-stop in the bathroom. While going potty, she squeales, "I is soooo esssscited! We are going to the Scare-ousel and it is going to be SCARY!" I try re-frame the way she is thinking, but decide it doesn't really matter, as she does proclaim to be "soooo essscited".

Right before the ride begins...

Everyone looks happy, right? Then the ride starts. So does the screaming, wailing, shreiking, demands to get off NOW. Add that to the fact that everyone's huge, amazing brunch is whirling around in their stomach like a tornado.


This is what the carousel riders looked like when they were done.

Sometimes it is such a blessing to be the picture-taker rather than a participant.

Funny thing about this story is, over the year, it will somehow be dulled, or even erased, from our memories. And, next Mother's Day, we will end our brunch with tears, shouts of dismay and scrambled stomachs.

Scare-ousel is a comprehensive way to put the experience into words Sylvie.


Christie said...

Lol, too funny! I'm sure it wasn't funny then!!

Hoping that she'll enjoy the Scare-ousel next year!

Happy Mother's Day!

Love and Hugs,

Michelle said...

I'm with Sylvie. The Missoula carousel is too fast and the ride is always too long. It makes me a little queasy just thinking about it! I hope you had a great Mother's Day anyway!

Mommy Skarsten said...

Do you think she'd try it again with Ana sometime? If not, we should at least let them loose in Dragon Hollow. Ana loves that place!