Saturday, August 20, 2011


...trying this again.

I once loved posting our comings and goings. As I stopped writing faithfully, I did not know where to start back up.

Our year at a glance:

Two exchange students! Margarita, from the Ukraine, lived at UM and spent time with us on weekends. Valentine, from France, lived with us for almost a month this summer. What an amazing experience to welcome new family members, however brief. We were lucky to get the great kids we did and it was fun to view Montana through their eyes.

Clark became the CFO at work (our state-wide food bank). Wonderful! Though, he works more which is a bit less wonderful.

Jake is a Senior in High School next week. HOW HAS THIS HAPPENED!?! All my efforts to stop or slow the growing-up process have been unfruitful. He has his first job and is about to begin driving the kid-car; he is also looking into the Air Force.

Liam will attend High School with Jake, as a Freshman. Definitely an advantage to have an older brother in school! Liam practiced with the Varsity soccer team all summer, and made JV this week. We are proud of his hard work.

Simon takes on the role of Middle School student with gusto this year. We spent the week looking for just the right shoes and backpack to make the year a success. He turns 12 in thirteen days.

After much deliberation (and assessment) we have decided to place Sylvie-Aganoti in Kindergarten. She is either a small five-year-old or a very smart four-year-old. Either way, she is ready and is absolutely thrilled. Her goal is to learn new words every day. I love her passion for learning and can not wait to see what school brings her.

Myself... ...never too sure what to say. I am busy. I am happy. I am thankful for my family and friends.

It sure feels good to blog--like slipping on a favorite sweatshirt.


Sarah Skarsten said...

So glad you're back. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo! I think you are all going to have a fabulous year.

ellerbee eight said...

I'm making a blog recovery too. Good luck! I'll follow you if you'll follow me. You may be the only one.