Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Months ago I proudly blogged about our status as a TV-free family. We spent our evenings playing Yahtzee and Chess, reading books, eating family-dinner, conversing... Life was perfect, ideal. Ok, ok, life wasn't exactly rainbows, puppies, and walks on the beach. But pretty darn close.

Then came the Olympics. And the justifications. Just these two weeks. What kind of Americans are we if we do not watch our best and brightest perform? The kids would be missing history. We love sports. Sadly, even the old stand-by, everyone else is doing it.

Well, we watched those two weeks like we were addicts on a bender. At our house when we do something, we do it BIG. And, I must be honest, we are still using. Three times a week. "The Amazing Race", "Survivor" and "Parenthood". Tonight, in fact, is TV-night.

I need to apologize to other TV-watching families. I have judged you in the past. As we had wholesome, television-free evenings, I imagined you hooked up to the Tube, aimlessly amused, with drool running down your chins, and brain-cells leaking out your ears. Now we join your ranks. Humbly.

So, I confess. We are watching TV. Cautiously. And liking it.

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