Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ready... Set... Action Figure!

Sylvie-Aganoti is one little girl being raised with a pack of boys. This has many impacts. She loves to wrestle and throw a football. She can be demanding and bossy, as they hop-to any time she asks. She also adores action figures.

Sylvie-Aganoti bypasses her doll-house daily to play with her brother's ensemble of men with weapons stuck to their sides. She has them walk and talk. She sneaks them into her pockets, and includes them on many-a-family car ride. But what she is really enamored with is hiding them in various tuck-away spots in our home.

Arriving at the point of this post...

Liam has a solo trumpet performance yesterday. He is good at playing the trumpet. Really, really good. Though, this piece in particular he struggles with. He has been playing this song, this one and only song, for weeks and it just does not seem to be evolving.

Picture him standing in front of an audience. Feeling quaky. Feeling unsure. Feeling insecure about the piece he is about to play.

He starts out with a wobbly note, continued by several others. He hears some classmates giggling. Liam is getting that stomach-sinking sensation. The giggling is becoming more enthusiastic. Liam considers bolting for the door.

One lone voice rings out, "Liam, you might have a guy sticking out of the bell of your trumpet."

"What?", Liam thinks. "A guy? Did I hear that correctly?"

Band Director intervenes. Sticks his hand deep into the trumpet. And produces... action figure.

Thank you very much Sylvie-Aganoti!

p.s. After this traumatizing experience, Liam prevails. He plays his piece better than ever!


Christie said...

Lol, too cute!! Way to go, Liam...and what are little sister's for!? ;)

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Gotta love a little sister!